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The Importance of Children’s Play

small girl holding game in a classroom

Play is how children learn best.

Through play, children:

  • Explore their world
  • Learn how to get along with others
  • Test their skills and muscles
  • Try out new ideas
  • Learn problem-solving
  • Build self-confidence
  • Expand language skills

Support and encourage your child’s play. Allow a variety of play experiences to help your child explore his/her environment.

Set the stage for productive play with the following ideas:

Pretend Play

Keep items handy for your child such as:

  • Toy telephone
  • Dress-up box with various clothing items
  • Empty or hand-made grocery and/or cooking items
  • Puppets, stuffed animals, dolls, cars, trucks

Solitary Play

One of our parental goals is to encourage independence. Be sure you make available:

  • Blocks
  • Books
  • Things to take apart
  • Empty cardboard boxes
  • A box filled with safe, non-toxic art materials

Outdoor Play

Make your yard a discovery area by providing:

  • Sandbox with a few plastic items, cars, trucks (cover when not in use)
  • Tire swing or a board swing
  • Log or piece of timber for a balance beam
  • Bucket, paint brushes, containers for water play
  • Scrap wood for building

Respond to your child’s play with interest and enthusiasm. Extend the play by joining in the fun or expanding the activity.