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Take the Quiz: Staying Healthy

little kid playing with caretaker and some toys

Think you know what it takes to stay healthy over the winter months? Take Nurse Sue’s health quiz and find out.

1. What is the single most effective way to reduce the spread of infection?

2. What is the single most effective way to prevent disease?

3. How many times every hour does a toddler put his hands in his mouth?

4. There are 4 ways a germ can enter the body. Name them.

5. After wetting your hands and applying soap, how long should you scrub outside the stream of water?

6. The germ that causes the common cold is a __________.

7. The most important time to wash your hands is after using the ___________________.

8. Surfaces such as tabletops and diaper tables must be sanitized using ___________________.

9. Ringworm is spread by ____________________.

10. According to DHEC, a child with hand-foot-mouth disease can come to child care. Yes | No

Check your answers

Download a printable version of the quiz