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Protecting Your Children From Reyes Syndrome

baby on top of his fathers shoulders

Hug from mamaReye’s Syndrome is a serious disease related to the use of aspirin to treat some viral illnesses, such as THE FLU.

DO NOT give any child (younger than 20 years old!) any products that contain aspirin during episodes of fever-causing illnesses. Be sure to read labels carefully and look for the word SALICYLATE.

And speaking of THE FLU… There were 158 pediatric deaths in the US from THE FLU in the 2012-2013 season. The good news is that children don’t have to get a shot. In fact, the nasal spray has been found to be more effective in children 2 yrs. and older…. 86-96% effective, according to the CDC!

So please protect your child from getting sick with the FLU this season by doing the right thing. Parents, teachers, or anyone working around children needs to be protected as well. It is our duty to protect the ones we love.

Nurse Sue

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