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A Learning Experience for You and Your Child


  • Everything is new to a young child!
  • One of the joys of parenting is to introduce your child to the world in which we live.
  • In simple ways we can share our world with them.
  • Brain research demonstrates that children who spend large amounts of time outdoors are more settled and able to focus better.
  • Children who get outdoor exercise are more physically fit.

Sharing outdoor experiences with your child:

  • Builds a strong bond with your child.
  • Promotes feelings of self-worth and confidence.
  • Expands his/her knowledge and experience.

Outdoor play with other children:

  • Increases social skills and successful adjustments.
  • Encourages children to participate in their community.

Things to Do

Enjoy Nature:

  • Take a walk and explore the neighborhood.
  • Look for different kinds of trees, plants, birds, insects, and animals.
  • Talk about the weather.
  • Look at the clouds by day or the stars by night.
  • Examine a bird’s nest, a squirrel’s nest, or other animal homes.

Look for Colors:

Play games naming all the colors in sight.

Play Games:

Skip over cracks; play Hopscotch, Kick the Can, Mother May I, or I Spy.


Animals, leaves, rocks

Look for Shapes:

Circles, squares, triangles

Pick Up:

  • Trash or treasure in a paper bag.
  • Natural objects, like leaves or rocks.
  • Go on a “treasure hunt.” You’ll be surprised what a child considers a treasure.


Sizes, textures, shapes


For sounds in nature


Smells such as flowers, food, or plants