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Black Musicians Making Music For Kids

little kids having fun dancing

Sharing music, singing, and dancing are great ways to create joy with kids while building valuable skills and knowledge. In honor of Black History Month, our pals the BenAnna Band have put together this awesome playlist that spotlights black musicians making music that’s fun for kids.

Kiddos music created
by Black musicians
track list

Track List

Kiddos music created by Black musicians
“I Like the Me I See!” by Culture Queen
“My Body” by Pierce Freelon & Rissi Palmer
“Be Outside” by Jazzy Ash
“Rainbow” by Ms. Niki
“Shine” by Alphabet Rockers
“You’ll Sing a Song and I’ll Sing a Song” by Ella Jenkins
“I Love Me” by Lavender Blues & Miss Alex
“Beautiful Brown Babies” by Kymberly Stewart
“Take It Easy” by Narwhals and Waterfalls
“Clap Your Hands” by The Magic Jones
“It’s a New Day” by Jessica DeShong
“My Crown” by Fyütch
“Funky Leg” by Shine and the Moonbeams
‘You Could Be Dancin” by Rissi Palmer
“Let Love Be Your Guide” by Claudia & Dan Zanes

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