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Work Together Wednesday

little girl smiling at table with food
work together wednesday

We’re at the midpoint of our Week of the Young Child celebrations. Work Together Wednesday is a chance to focus on cooperation and building bonds through shared effort. Whether it’s at home, on a playground, or in a classroom, when children work together with others to achieve a shared goal they develop important social and emotional skills they need to thrive.

One of the foundations of cooperation is connection. Keep these core elements of connection in mind from Dr. Becky Bailey and her Conscious Discipline&reg method.

(Download this and lots of other excellent resources with a free Conscious Discipline account.)

Our Excellence in Care and Early Learning (ExCEL) team has created a poster for you to use in your classroom to help promote the value of working together.

(Download and print a copy of this poster)

Count on our old pals at Sesame Street to have a song just right for the occasion of Work Together Wednesday. Sing along with Big Bird as he and his pals use cooperation to clean up a big mess!

No matter how you choose to work together, just remember that connection and cooperation combine to create success.