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We’re wrapping up our celebration of the Week of the Young Child with Family Friday and some great ways to connect and focus on family. A child’s family is made up of his first teachers, and every member has something to teach that child as he grows.

Breathe, Baby, Breathe

Being a preschooler can be stressful – so can being a parent or caregiver of a preschooler, right? Conscious Discipline is a philosophy that many families and classrooms have used to create calmer, more connected units. One of the many tools in the Conscious Discipline toolbox is the power of some good deep breathing to help lower tensions when they start to rise. Our Excellence in Care and Early Learning team has put together a short video to demonstrate some of their favorite breathing exercises.

Get your printable guide to these breathing exercises in English or Spanish.

Reading Together

Reading with children helps strengthen caregiver relationships, build language skills and vocabularies, and introduce new concepts to help children make sense of the world. Share reading with the kiddos in your life with this video and poster from our Excellence in Care and Early Learning (ExCEL) team.

Enjoy this special Week of the Young Child edition of The Family Book by Todd Parr as read by ExCEL Director Charshina McMillian

(Download and print a copy of this poster)

Happy Family Friday everyone!