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Early Childhood Reader – November 1, 2016

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It’s all about the parents in this week’s edition of the Early Childhood Reader: how parenting styles influence temperament, the importance of touch, a teacher who helps a new mom out and the economic squeeze caused by child care costs. PLUS: What do Ashton Kutcher and a dirty diaper have in common? It might not be what you think.

NPR: Poll-Cost of Child Care Causes Financial Stress of Many Families
The median household annual income in the US is $55,000. The average cost of infant care is more than 18% of that at $10,000 per year, more than what it costs for a year at many state colleges. Many families report that child care expenses cause a significant hardship for them. | listen now

The Huffington Post: A Parent’s Touch Actually Transforms A Baby’s Brain
There used to be a belief that holding babies as much as they wanted would “spoil” them. This article looks at a study that shows the opposite to be true: children who received a lot of gentle touch and physical comfort from their parents have stronger development in what is known as the “social brain.” | read now

Vogue: Hallelujah! Now Dads Will Be Able to Change Diapers in Public Bathrooms, Too
A new law signed by President Obama in October will require all federal facilities (post offices, courthouses, national parks) to install diaper changing tables in men’s restrooms. Did a boost from an unlikely celebrity champion make the difference? | read now

New York Magazine: The Kids Most Affected by Parenting Share a Personality Trait
Researchers looked at four different aspects of children’s temperament while testing the impact of parenting styles on children’s behavior. Children who have a greater capacity to feel negative emotions were found to be the most helped by positive parenting and most harmed by negative parenting. | read no

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